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. An innovative device for head acupressure eliminates vasospasm and activates blood flow. LPE-Massager effectively solves the problem of hair loss. LPE-Massager, which restores the health and density of hair with a head massage, is purchased in Croatia on the official website. 50% discount price only today. You can also buy a head massager in Croatia.

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LPE-Massager for head and health and hair density restoration can now be ordered in Croatia on the official website. Discounted price. The problem of baldness affects both women and men. Men's baldness is a problem that affects men after the age of 25 at most. And today, modern innovative technologies can effectively combat the problem of male-type hair loss. After using LPE-Massager, the health and density of the scalp is gradually restored. In about 100% of cases, the hair gains a new life. Hair roots are gradually restored, which ensures the active growth of new hair, and re-growth of hair is observed in places where hair falls out.

androgenic alopecia in men

As he said, hair restoration products are either less effective or completely useless. Therefore, LPE-Massager has been developed, which can work on the roots of the hair follicles, thereby forcing them to work actively and restore the hair on the head. In Croatia, a head masseur appeared relatively recently, but managed to gain a foothold in the fight against a problem such as baldness. Croatia is one of the countries where the problem of baldness has existed for a long time. And this applies to both male pattern baldness and hair loss in women. And this head masseur does the job perfectly. So don't worry, you have a unique opportunity to fix it.

Why is hair growth massage effective? After all, its functionality is very important for any device. What hair growth problems can LPE-Massager solve? Let's think together how to ensure that your hair is healthy, thick and not brittle. After all, the health status of both women and men can be assessed by the condition of the hair.

What is this head massager:

hair loss in women

What are the most common forms of hair loss?

Men have the most androgenetic alopecia. Moreover, this process is divided into several stages of development, namely:

Androgenic alopecia is also common in women. As a rule, this is due to the high content of the male hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone) in the female hormone. When it rises, the hair on the head falls out, and on the face and pubis, on the contrary, the hair grows. The development of this pathological process, as a rule, occurs gradually. Long hair becomes thin, pigmented (dyed), hair falls out, and first hairs appear, then disappear and smooth skin remains. Smooth, shiny areas appear where hair follicles are not visible.

scalp massage and healthy hair

The main cause of diffuse alopecia in both men and women:

There is no need to wait for the problem to get serious enough, and it takes a lot of effort to solve. The sooner you see that there is nothing to do with your hair and it starts to move, the easier it will be to cope with this disease. Use LPE-Massage for the scalp as a protective tool and your hair will always be healthy and beautiful.

The opinion of the doctor

Dr. Trichologist Marko Marko
22 years old
The problem of hair loss has existed in Croatia for a long time, so everyone is looking for effective ways to solve it. Do not work so that the problem does not require more serious treatment. If you look after your hair, you can get it with preventive measures. LPE-Massage is one of such methods. It is stimulated due to its effect on the hair follicles and hair growth resumes. Healthy hair is the key to a woman's beauty.